Campus History

Campus History
Campus History

Pomeroy Elementary School opened its doors in 1958. The new school was built on the corner of Jenkins at Burke Road in Pasadena and was named for Mr. John E. Pomeroy and his father, Mr. Edward Payton Pomeroy. Bryant McDonald was selected as the principal and managed an enrollment of 725 students. Pomeroy had 26 classrooms and served students in grades one through six.

At the time, there was no air conditioning in public schools, so the PTA bought fans for the classrooms, the clinic and the office. They also planted several oak trees and shrubs around the school to help beautify the campus grounds. In 1963, Pomeroy Elementary School was selected to pilot a new nonĀ­-graded system. When school started in 1964, Pomeroy Elementary, along with all other elementary schools in the District, sent their sixth grade students to one of the district’s new intermediate schools.  When McDonald left Pomeroy School in 1965, Earl Ritchey became the principal.

In the summer of 1965, Pomeroy started summer school sessions in the building and decided to add air-conditioning. A year later, the Title I Head Start program began and continued until the summer of 1970. Ritchey remained as principal at Pomeroy Elementary until 1968. In 1968, a  wing was built with a new and spacious library, music room and speech clinic. That same year, F. M. McCoy became the principal of Pomeroy. In the early 1970s, Pomeroy Elementary was one of the first schools in Pasadena ISD to offer kindergarten under the federal Title I program, a bilingual program and a remedial reading program. A boundary change became effective in the fall of 1972, and some of Pomeroy’s students were moved to Red Bluff Elementary.

In more recent years, the school was relocated to a newly constructed campus at 922 Burke Road in Pasadena in 2017. In 2020, the campus was named a Gold Ribbon School by Children at Risk, an organization that advocates for issues affecting Texas’ youth. This is the third time in the past several years that Pomeroy Elementary has received this award. Pomeroy Elementary currently serves around 870 students in prekindergarten through fourth grade.

List of Principals

-Bryant McDonald 1958-1965
-EJ Ritchey 1965-1968
-Mitch McCoy 1968-1986
-Pam Ainsworth1986-1992
-Linda Villarreal 1992-1999
-Susan Blalock 1999-2003
-Elizabeth Ortiz 2003-2008
-Ruth Rabago 2008-2012
-Stephen Harding 2012-present